I have used my professional camera's only once in the last 13 months, in a private setting. Must admit I even made an error with a setting. I did not feel like missing it.
I interpreted it as a sign it is time to start sorting and selling all the non-essential gear that I own. I must say it is a lot. Only flash-gear/electronics/remote alone fill up complete carry-on-trolley, not counting all the tripods, umbrella's and reflectors. The same can problably be done with all the camera-bodies and lenses I collected over the years.

The plan is to go back to one body, two lenses and one speedlight, to sell of all the other gear and maybe buy myself a nice small body that can do 4k/60 and or 180/360 degrees panaromas. It will problably be gear to use and that can be used for bike-touring, which is what I now do a lot more since I stopped photographing marathons.

There is still a once-heavy-duty workstation in my serverroom. It has not seen much action lately. Meanwhile it is not so heavy duty anymore, kind of a write-off. Lot of external 1,2,10 TB drives are connected that should be re-used. That is another project for 2019